As the next District 74 State Representative,

I will continue to stand for families and businesses in Clayton County

Riverdale  Morrow  Forest Park

Lake City.   College Park

Angel Massey

Candidate for State Represenatative District 74

I have lived in Clayton County's District 74 for 27 years. Here, I have always been an active constituent and community partner using the power of collective voice to drive change.

I partnered with outgoing District 74 House Representative Valencia Stovall, to drive change. Since 2016, I have stood with her to advocate for Clayton citizens through House Bills including:

~ HB 504, in support of ad valorem tax

~ HB 476, helped create this bill, which recommends    

   no penalization for child actors absent from school

~ HB 691, helped create this bill, which recommends increased    

    consumer protection from deceptive insurance practices

I am grateful to have the full support of Representatives Stovall, as I campaign to backfill the seat she will be vacating to run for US Senate. I have learned, through my partnership with her,  the impact of ensuring the collective voices of District 74 are heard. I commit if elected, to continue the great work she has started. 

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Endorsement by Rep. Stovall:

To my supporters of #Dist74, it has been my enjoyment to serve you for the past 8 yrs. 

#GoStovall Team now has decided to move to the next level for US Senate. I support Angel Massey for State Rep #Dist74. She will continue the fight for #Dist74 #ClaytonCo

We truly believe that when it comes to Angel Massey she would be THE state representative. We say that because as a native of the state of Georgia and a resident of the district

74, Angel Massey has always instilled in us the importance of family, the importance of community and transparency. Not only is she the perfect candidate, but she is also the best MOM  a man can ever have.

                            ANGEL IN THE HOUSE!

Love you Mom #YGT #You Got This

                                               CHRISTOPHER & KYLE

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Support for Angel

Angel Massey a dependable committed friend that stands for truth and integrity. She will dedicate her efforts to what matters to you and yield results that create positive change.

If you want to get the hard work done vote Angel Massey for 

State Representative for District Dist. 74

Carol Blackmon

It is without any hesitation I endorse Angel Massey for Dist. 74 State Representative. Angel Massey has been a member in good standing at Divine Faith Ministries International for over 20 plus years. Angel Massey will be a tremendous asset to the Georgia House of Representatives.


Donald Battle

I support Angel Massey for her passion for the youth of all ages. She sees opportunities, growth, and ambition in them. She's always speaking encouraging words and giving hope. Angel is who we need for CLAYTON County District 74

Deetra Poindexter

Angel Massey's            Voice is our Voice.

Angel will stand for her constituents.

Dr. LaWanda


Angel--in my experience is not afraid of the fight and will fight for what's right.

Joe Hudson

Angel doesn't just talk she backs it up. In the 40 years I have known her she has always been a person who finds winning solutions. She is a hard worker and a very compassionate person. I admire how she has been able to make sweet lemonade out of a few lemons that life gave her. She never gives up and always fight for what's right. I love you Angel and I know you will serve the community well and we will all be better having you in office

Dr. Cherry A. Collier

I'm proud to know Angel Massey. She is a defender of people. I've witnessed her tenacity and brilliance and believe she will make her constituents proud as well.

Adeline Alexander

I have known Ms. Massey for a few years and I found her to be a person of integrity and courage.

She has done a wonderful job of raising to great young sons that's should be an example for all single moms out there.

She is passionate about everything she does and very worthy of any opportunity to serve.

Bob Nori

I am endorsing Angel Massey for State Representative District 74 because she has a heart for her community.

Every task she undertakes is done with enthusiasm and a firm commitment to get the job done.

State Representative

Rhonda Burnough

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